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Late medieval sallet with folding visor

A visor (also: helmet lintel ) is the moving part of a helmet that protects the face and eyes . In the health sector, visors are used as medical face protection that is not connected to a helmet, but is put on like protective goggles or is fixed to the top of the head with an elastic band or a plastic holder. The technical rules for biological agents (TRBA 250) also speak of a face visor , face shield or face shield in this context .

Visors have been a part of knight armor since the 14th century . Even modern helmets have visors, such as to protect the road, in the air and space travel or work safety .


Visors should also provide the best possible protection against injuries caused by cutting weapons and the most unrestricted view possible. The medieval visors made of metal therefore always had to find a compromise between the two requirements in terms of the size of the openings in the visor. Often a knight's field of vision was limited to a narrow slit in the visor, and several small air holes in the lower area made breathing easier. Folding visors made it possible that the visor only had to be closed in close combat and could otherwise be worn open to allow unhindered breathing and vision.


Visor on the helmet of a forest worker
Visor as part of infection protection equipment

Today's visors are made of plexiglass or armored glass . Such visors are z. B. used on helmets by special forces to combat riots . With ice hockey helmets there is a choice between visor and grille.

In forestry , protective visors often consist of fine-meshed grids that are pulled in front of the helmet like a sturdy net to provide protection against sawdust , splinters or pieces of branches.

In disaster control , fire services and healthcare, e.g. B. in the rescue service or in the protection against infection , hard plastic helmets with transparent visors are mostly used nowadays . These helmets or visors are considered part of personal protective equipment that protects the face from injuries and contamination with blood or secretion splashes. Under a medical face protection z. B. the usual corrective glasses and mouth and nose protection can be worn.

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