Vittorio Monti

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Vittorio Monti (born January 6, 1868 in Naples , † June 20, 1922 there ) was an Italian violinist and composer .


Monti studied violin and composition at the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella in Naples . Around 1900 he received an appointment as conductor of the Lamoureux Orchestra in Paris . In later years he devoted himself more to violin and mandolin playing ; He also taught both instruments and also wrote a textbook for the mandolin.


Vittorio Monti wrote several ballets and operettas . His most famous piece of music is the csárdás , a popular virtuoso piece that is in the repertoire of many gypsy music bands. In addition to Monti's original composition, which was written for a solo mandolin or violin with piano or orchestral accompaniment (the dedicatee Juliette Dantin was a violinist), numerous arrangements for a wide variety of solo instruments and ensembles are in circulation today.

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