Vladimír Skalička

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Vladimír Skalička (born August 19, 1909 in Prague ; † January 17, 1991 ibid) was a Czech linguist.

On scientific importance

Skalička was a professor at the Charles University in Prague , member of the Prague School with a focus on general linguistics and language typology . In his typological studies he tied on the traditional morphological typology and developed five ideal types based on theoretical considerations: the agglutinating, inflecting, isolating, polysynthetic and introflexive construct. Each of these types (constructs) is described on the basis of phonological, morphological and syntactic properties in such a way that they appear to be optimally coordinated. Concrete languages ​​are then examined to determine the extent to which they have these characteristics or differ from them. This ideal typology was received and continued in many ways in linguistics.


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Individual evidence

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