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A foreman is the formally appointed squad leader or head of a work team , i.e. a group of workers who work together under this management instance.

The foreman has a coordinating role for his work team, but no disciplinary authority.

Application area

Foremen are deployed both in stationary companies and on construction sites. They exist both in industry and in the craft. Supervisors of the foreman can e.g. B. be foremen , foremen , technicians , engineers or site managers . The tasks and responsibilities of the foremen vary. He is mostly paid better than the other workers.

Local names

In southern Germany and Switzerland, foremen are also referred to as kapo ( Italian capo , head, leader ' ), the term slider is also commonly used and, derived from this, the term flat cap or column leader. In Austria, this function is also known as part leader . In the GDR , foremen were mostly referred to as brigadiers . This designation is still partly used in East Germany . In the case of railway maintenance work, one speaks of a squad leader, in Austria a railway judge .

You are usually "appointed" as a foreman (usually by the employer), but there are also corresponding training courses, such as foreman courses, which essentially include the following qualification subjects: "Cost-conscious action", "ZIB" = cooperation in the company and labor law and "NTG" = laws of nature, which also includes technical arithmetic. The courses usually last 6 months and end with an examination. Alternatively, trained foremen can also initially be commissioned to perform the function of foreman. Often times, this is the first step in a master's career ladder.

In today's practice, foremen are no longer simply appointed, but need a foreman course or a master craftsman's certificate. This is due to the key qualifications required, such as social and technical skills .

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