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Vorbis comment is a metadata - Container of Xiph.Org Foundation for storing printed text. This allows z. B. Metadata can be added to music files that contain information about the respective piece of music. It is used with Xiph's free codecs Vorbis , FLAC and Speex , comparable to ID3 tags for MP3 files.

Like APEv2 , with Vorbis comment , in contrast to ID3, you can create not only predefined, but also freely defined fields for storing information.


A Vorbis tag consists of a list of fields in the format Feldname=Daten. The field name can consist of printable ASCII characters (0x20 (space) to 0x7D ('}'); except for 0x3D ('=') and 0x7E ('~')). The system does not differentiate between upper and lower case, so title and TITLE designate the same field. The number of fields and their lengths are limited to 4,294,967,295 (the largest value of a 32- bit - integer ), but most editing programs have tighter limits.

The data is encoded in UTF-8 , which means that any Unicode character strings can be used as values.

Field names and the format of the values ​​are not required. Field names can also be assigned more than once, which means that several values ​​are possible for a field name (as in id3v2.4 for mp3 files). It makes sense z. B. in a work in the performance of which several performers were involved.

The specification defines several example field names such as title (title), artist (artist), album and tracknumber (song number), in addition, most applications offer de facto standards such as discnumber (CD number) and fields for replay -Gain information.

Saving binary data in Vorbis comment is not intended. The metadata container was designed to be part of a respective container format. It is intended to store additional binary data directly in this respective container.

The fields and their meaning

Field name meaning Hints
TITLE title
VERSION version The version field can be used to distinguish multiple versions of the same title in a single collection (e.g. remix information).
ALBUM album The name of the album the track belongs to
TRACKNUMBER Piece number The position of the track on the album
ARTIST Artist In pop music, this is usually the band or the singer. For classical music it would be the composer. For an audio book, it would be the author of the original text.
PERFORMER Interpreter The artists who performed the work. In classical music that would be the conductor, the orchestra and the soloists. In an audio book it would be the reader. In popular music this is usually the same entry as in the ARTIST field and is omitted.
COPYRIGHT copyright Copyright attribution z. E.g. "2001 Nobody's Band" or "1999 Jack Moffitt".
LICENSE License information z. B. "All rights reserved" or a URL to a license such as Creative Commons license.
ORGANIZATION organization Name of the organization that produced the track (i.e. the record label)
DESCRIPTION description A short text description of the content
GENRE genre The music genre of the title
DATE date The date the title was recorded
LOCATION place The place where the title was produced
CONTACT Contact information This could e.g. B. be a URL or an email address.
ISRC ISRC code The International Standard Recording Code is a twelve-digit digital identifier for a CD track.

Chapter marks

Chapter marks can be added as Vorbis comment fields.

CHAPTER001 = 00: 00: 00.000

CHAPTER001NAME = First chapter

CHAPTER002 = 00: 05: 00.000

CHAPTER002NAME = The second chapter is nicer

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