Vortex (German band)

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General information
origin Hameln , Germany
Genre (s) Oi!
founding 1981, 2000
resolution 1989, 2017
Founding members
Guitar , vocals
Last occupation
Guitar, vocals
former members
Shorty (2003)

Vortex was a German Oi! -Band with Ska influences from Hameln . She was one of the first skinhead bands in Germany. After two albums for the Rock-O-Rama label , the group broke up. From 2000 to 2017 Vortex played together with a new line-up.

Band history


In 1980 Bernd, Thomas, Kuckuck and Toky decided to make music together. First as a punk band under the name Hans Albers Combo . In 1981, after all members of the skinhead subculture had joined, the name was changed to Vortex. The name comes from the film Zardoz and describes a utopian city ​​there. After a few appearances, including in 1984 in the rehearsal room of Kraft durch Froide , together with the band Böhse Onkelz from Frankfurt, the group asked the record label Rock-O-Rama , which was just changing from a punk label to a right-wing rock label, and signed it there; the band claims that they didn't know any other record labels at the time and didn't know much about their environment.

The debut album Gladiator was released in 1985. The second album Laut + Lustig followed in 1987. The group performed with several right-wing extremist bands, but was unpopular in the burgeoning right-wing extremist scene. On the one hand they openly criticized the development, on the other hand they also played offbeat rhythms at concerts . A kind of anti-vortex league was founded . At a concert with Kahlkopf the situation escalated, Vortex was attacked on stage and had to break off the performance after two songs. Shortly afterwards, the group broke up. Bernd and Thomas continued as a ska band under the name Mad Monster Sound .

Reunion 2000

2000 asked 98 Stomper Thomas whether he is on a split - EP with The Templars want to participate. Stomper 98 re-recorded the song Robert "Modeskin" and released it on the split EP The ISP Connection . Thomas liked the old group again. Together with Bernd and the new musicians Shorty (Stomper 98) and Sebastian they played a concert with The Templars, Stomper 98 and Foreign Legion. After that they rehearsed together for a while until a permanent line-up was established with the newcomers Stefan (bass, also with Mad Monster Sound) and Marco. In 2007 the album And what do you want? on Randale Records. In 2008 a split EP with Crusaders followed .

Background and criticism

Although one of the reasons for the breakup in 1989 was trouble with the right-wing extremist skinhead scene, the group is still considered controversial in the punk scene today. This is due, among other things, to the former record company Rock-O-Rama, as well as joint appearances with right-wing extremist groups such as Kraft durch Froide and Kahlkopf. The text on punks and skins was also seen as problematic :

“The punks wanted to use us, but nobody ever asked us. I don't want to be a punk, because the punk is a booze . Punks and skins under one roof - that never works. "

- Vortex : punks and skins

The text itself was written against the backdrop of the chaos days in 1983 and was a reaction to the turning point in the relationship between skinheads and punks during this time. Even at that time, Vortex was classified as "non-political" by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution . Today Vortex distances itself from right-wing extremist bands and sees itself as apolitical.

"We are not a Nazi band were never one, have no right-wing tendencies, like nor left-wing radicals or would-be do-gooders who walk around with a raised index finger to justify their existence every day. And probably weren't even born 22 years ago. We didn't want to improve the world, nor do we want to pursue politics with our music, just make it a little more pleasant and bring joy into the living room. "

- Vortex : About us

However, even after their reunion, Vortex continued to perform in clubs that are known for holding right-wing extremist concerts, such as the Skinhouse Menfis (2007) or De Kastelein.


  • 1985: Gladiator (Rock-O-Rama)
  • 1987: Loud + Funny (Rock-O-Rama)
  • 2007: And what do you want? (Riot Records)
  • 2008: Back to the Future (Split EP with Crusaders, Randale Records)

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