Vuelta a Bolivia

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The Vuelta a Bolivia (German: Bolivia Tour ) is a Bolivian road bike race .

The stage race was held for the first time in 2008 and has been classified in UCI category 2.2 since then . The first three events of the tour took place in November. The race replaced the Doble Copacabana Grand Prix Fides , which was held until 2007, in the racing calendar.

Winners list

year winner Second Third
2013 ColombiaColombia Salvador Moreno BoliviaBolivia Óscar Soliz ColombiaColombia John Martínez
2012 VenezuelaVenezuela Maky Roman ColombiaColombia Mauricio Ardila BoliviaBolivia Gilber Zurita
2011 BoliviaBolivia Juan Cotumba EcuadorEcuador Segundo Navarrete VenezuelaVenezuela Maky Roman
2010 BoliviaBolivia Óscar Soliz VenezuelaVenezuela Carlos Gálviz EcuadorEcuador Byron Guamá
2009 ColombiaColombia Gregorio Ladino BoliviaBolivia Óscar Soliz BoliviaBolivia Juan Cotumba
2008 ColombiaColombia Fernando Camargo BoliviaBolivia Óscar Soliz ColombiaColombia Álvaro Sierra

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