True love

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Television broadcast
Original title True love
Country of production Germany
Year (s) 1994-2004
a + i
Episodes 545
genre eroticism
music Serge Gainsbourg  - Je t'aime… moi non plus
Moderation Lilo Wanders
First broadcast 1994 on VOX

The television program Wa (h) re Liebe was broadcast regularly on Thursday evenings from 1994 to 2004 on VOX . Lilo Wanders , a fictional character portrayed by the actor Ernie Reinhardt , acted as the presenter . The program dealt almost exclusively with topics of sexuality .

The presenter Lilo Wanders became a cult star and often went on tour in Germany with her show. Some programs were also recorded abroad, for example in Hungary and Italy .

Origin background

With the thematic focus on sexuality, which was processed for the first time through the Love Sünde format , the broadcaster covered an area that had been largely neglected by the public broadcasters up to this point. The concept of an information channel at a high level failed, among other things for cost reasons, VOX went to the Bertelsmann / RTL group. As a result of this development, the production of Liebe Sünde switched to ProSieben , where the program was broadcast from July 6, 1994. VOX developed Wa (h) re Liebe as a successor format .

Typical topics

Serious medical problems such as venereal diseases , penile fractures and clitoral adhesions were also occasionally addressed.

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