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Valentina Mikhailovna Borok ( Russian Валентина Михайловна Борок , Ukrainian Валентина Михайлівна Борок / Walentyna Mychailiwna Borok , English transcription Valentina Mikhailovna Borok * 9 July 1931 in Kharkiv , † 4. February 2004 in Haifa ) was a Soviet-Ukrainian mathematician.


Borok was the daughter of the chemist Mikhail Borok and the high official in the economic administration of Ukraine Bella Sigal, who resigned from her post as a precaution (both parents were Jewish) at the height of Stalinist persecution in 1937. Borok studied mathematics at the State University of Kiev from 1949 , where she also met her future husband, the mathematician Jakow Schitomirski , with whom she later worked a lot. Like her husband, she was a student of Georgi Evgenjewitsch Schilow , received her doctorate from him in 1954 in Kiev, followed him to Lomonossow University , where she completed her habilitation in 1957 (Russian doctorate). From 1960 she taught at the Kharkiv State University , where she received a full professorship in 1970 and headed the mathematics faculty from 1983 to 1994. Due to a serious illness, she resigned her teaching post in 1994 and went to Israel for medical treatment.

Borok dealt with partial differential equations (PDE), for example with the Cauchy problem for PDE with constant coefficients (characterization of well-positioned and clearly solvable problems) and she developed a theory of the boundary value problem of systems of partial differential equations with boundary values ​​in infinitely extended layers.

Her daughter Svetlana Jitomirskaya and her son Michael Zhitomirskii are also mathematicians.

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