Wali (mythology)

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Illustration by Carl Emil Doepler (1824–1905), first published in 1882

Wali or Vali is in Norse mythology the avenger of Balder and one of the sir . He is described as " bold in battle and a good marksman ". After Balder's murder , Odin overcame the Aesi goddess Rind by cunning and magic and begat the Wali with her. Only one day old, he took revenge on Hödur . Because he had, deceived by Loki , accidentally shot Balder with a mistletoe . Wali is also Vidar's brother and survivor of the Ragnaröks .

Vali - Loki's son

Vali is a son of Loki in Gylfaginning and is transformed by the Assir into a wolf who tears up his own brother Narfi (Nari) and with his bowels Loki is tied to three sharp-edged rocks. The etymology of his name is unknown.

Vali - dwarf

Váli is also the name of a dwarf named in the Völuspá .


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