Walter Freiherr von Keyserlingk

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Walter Freiherr von Keyserlingk (born June 27, 1869 in Stettin , † December 10, 1946 in Wiesbaden ) was a German naval officer , most recently vice admiral and naval attaché .

Live and act

Walter was the son of Ewald Freiherr von Keyserlingk and his wife Katharine, née Lenke. On April 16, 1886, he joined the Imperial Navy as a cadet . From October 1, 1908, von Keyserlingk was sent to the German embassy in Saint Petersburg as a naval attaché for the Nordic empires , where he was entrusted with maintaining marine relations until September 30, 1912.

From October 1, 1912 to January 27, 1916 he was captain at sea in command of the liner SMS Lothringen , then until June 1, 1917, in command of the large liner SMS Kaiser . At the same time he was from February 18 to March 14, 1917 and again from April 28 to May 2, Second Admiral of the IV. Squadron of the fleet. He then took over as rear admiral (since May 31, 1917) the management of the operations department in the German admiralty staff. At the same time, from December 22, 1917 to February 18, 1918, he was authorized representative of the Supreme Army Command and the Naval War Command during the armistice negotiations with Russia. From October 2, 1918 to July 31, 1919 he acted as the commander in charge of securing the Baltic Sea .

Keyserlingk's estate is stored as "Keyserlingk Estate, N 161" in the Federal Archives-Military Archive in Freiburg im Breisgau.



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