Walter Nissen

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Walter Nissen (born September 3, 1908 in Hamburg-Bergedorf ; † September 25, 1993 in Göttingen ) was a German archivist and regional historian .


Walter Nissen studied at the University of Halle , where he in 1938 when Martin Lintzel Dr. phil. received his doctorate . From 1939 he completed his training as archivist at the Secret State Archives in Berlin-Dahlem, but was drafted into the Wehrmacht at the beginning of the Second World War .

After his return from military service and imprisonment, he worked at the Magdeburg State Archives from 1947 . From 1950 he headed the Merseburg department of the German Central Archives of the GDR, to which part of the holdings of the Secret State Archives were relocated. As the only scientifically trained archivist, Nissen managed the organization of the holdings that had been mixed up by the outsourcing. In addition, he negotiated with the Soviet occupying power about the return of the confiscated archive material.

In 1959 Nissen moved to the Göttingen City Archives , where he focused on inventory. In addition, he headed the Göttingen History Society from 1960 to 1974, the number of which doubled by 1970.

Nissen promoted research into the history of the city of Göttingen by granting doctoral students access to the holdings of the city archive on relevant topics. During his tenure, he wrote ten dissertations on the history of the city of Göttingen. Even in retirement, Nissen dealt with historical regional research and wrote numerous anthologies, monographs and magazine articles.


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