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Garbenheimer Warte ( Bismarck Tower Wetzlar )

When waiting is generally referred to an observation post or tower (see watchtower ), a place where one thinks of the lookout, or a viewpoint . The word has changed meaning over the centuries - from the Old High German “warta” or the verb “ wait - and is related to “warn” and “true”.

In the past, a control room was part of the outer fortifications of a fortress or city. Often, as a fortified tower, it stood far in front of the actual fortification , so that an enemy could be noticed earlier from here. The warning time was extended by signal systems . One example is the Pinkenburg as the former control room of the Hanoverian Landwehr .


Urania observatory in Zurich

The term is broadly used in many areas.

Derived from its original meaning, the phrase to look at from a high point of view means to look at something from a superior point of view.

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