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Under a bird observatory or a Vogelschutzwarte means a public or private institution for the protection and monitoring of the wild bird population. The bird observatories are responsible for ringing , among other things .


The name "Vogelwarte" comes from the painter and ornithologist Heinrich Gätke , who published his book "Die Vogelwarte Helgoland" in spring 1891, in which he summarized his decades of observations on the island. The actual establishment of the later Helgoland ornithological institution did not take place until 1910 under the first director Hugo Weigold . This makes Heligoland not the oldest ornithological station. This was preceded by the establishment of the Rossitten ornithological station in 1903 (later relocated to Radolfzell) by Johannes Thienemann . The bird protection station in Seebach (Wartburgkreis), founded by Hans Freiherr von Berlepsch in 1900, which was a little bit ahead of time, was not yet known as the ornithological station. In 1936 the Hiddensee ornithological department, founded as the ornithological department of the Hiddensee Biological Research Institute, and Seebach were added, which were upgraded to an ornithological station by decree.

Bird sanctuaries

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Private bird observatories

Since the term Vogelwart had a positive connotation in the 20th century, there were also private individuals who operated private birdwatches at times. In Gonsenheim , Wilhelm Schuster ran the Mainz Basin ornithological station from 1928 to 1935 . In 1935, Schuster was sentenced to two years in prison by the Mainz criminal chamber for collecting money and using the name ornithological station. He had to serve the full two years. He named the bird observatory Mainz Basin in ornithologist waiting Mainz Basin to.

Individual evidence

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