Wasat (star)

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Wasat (δ Geminorum)
dates equinoxJ2000.0 , epoch : J2000.0
Constellation Twins
Right ascension 07 h 20 m 7.4 s
declination + 21 ° 58 ′ 56 ″
Apparent brightness 3.50 mag
distance 59  ly
Physical Properties
Other names
and catalog entries
Bayer name δ Geminorum
Flamsteed name 55 Geminorum
Bonn survey BD +22 1645
Bright Star Catalog HR 2777 [1]
Henry Draper Catalog HD 56986 [2]
Hipparcos catalog HIP 35550 [3]
SAO catalog SAO 79294 [4]
Other names FK5 279

Wasat (also Wesat ) is the proper name of the star Delta Geminorum (short: δ Gem) in the constellation Gemini .

Wasat has an apparent brightness of +3.5 m, belongs to the spectral class F0 and is approx. 59 light years away. The name Wasat means "middle (of heaven)" (from Arabic wasat as-sama ).

As a star near the ecliptic, Wasat can be covered by the moon and (very rarely!) By planets. The last occultation of Wasat by a planet was on June 30, 1857 by Saturn, the next will be on August 12, 2420 by Venus.

Individual evidence

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