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Weisbrod is a German family name .


The name was originally probably a nickname for people who liked to eat white bread . It is also possible that someone with “higher” origins was referred to as white bread's child, since light, i.e. white, flour was not commonplace at that time. Another possibility could refer to bakers who had specialized in the preparation of this type of bread or who succeeded in doing this particularly well.

A Hugo Weizbrettelin is first mentioned around 1263 (see Ernst Grohme, 1912) . In Strasbourg , the name is also mentioned in connection with the inn Zu dem Wisbrötlin around 1392.

Most common name variants

The most common variants are Weisbrod, Weisbrodt, Weisbrot, Weißbrod, Weißbrodt, Weißbrot.

Well-known namesake


The Weisbrod-Zürrer AG silk weaving mill, founded in 1825, is located in Switzerland . The name Weisbrod came into the company in the second generation: Franz Gustav Weisbrod (1876–1838) from Affoltern am Albis married Fanny Mathilde Zürrer (1873–1933) from Hausen am Albis .

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