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The workshops for prayer and life ( en . : Prayer and Life Workshops , English abbreviation: PLW , pt . : Oficinas de Oração e Vida , es . : Talleres de Oración y Vida , official abbreviation: TOV ) are an association of believers in the Roman Catholic Church . They were founded in 1984 in Santiago de Chile , they see themselves as a church service within the new evangelization . In 1997 the workshops were owned by the Holy See recognized, they have around 15,000 members and are represented in 36 countries worldwide.


The Basque Capuchin Father Ignacio Larrañaga OFMCap (1928–2013) founded the first “workshop for prayer and work” with lay people in 1984 in Santiago de Chile. From the experiences of the first group, further "workshops of prayer" were formed in which management personnel from different nations were trained. In 1987 the “Handbook of Prayer and Life”, with contributions from 15 countries, was adopted at the international congress. The international expansion is progressing and in 1993 32 workshops celebrated the “week of strengthening”. In a final document in 1994 the final version of the “handbook” and a governance structure at international level were published. On October 4, 1997, the International Association of Believers under Papal Law received its decree of recognition from the Pontifical Council for the Laity .


The TOV sees itself as a church service that wants to instruct the faithful in practical prayer . They want to introduce their members to the life of prayer and help them conduct prayer. The basis would be baptism and responsibility for mission in the Church and the deepening of the new evangelization. Members begin their ministry with a year-long training course to learn various prayer techniques. Then they are introduced to a missionary assignment, and their knowledge of the Word of God is deepened with monthly meetings .

Organization and expansion

The parishes are the “planting places” for the vocation to the lay apostolate and to serve the Church . Several workshops are merging at the diocesan level, from bottom to top at the local level and the local coordination offices. This is managed by a coordinator, a secretary and a treasurer . The next higher management level are the zonal coordination offices, which are located at the state level; they are also assigned a trainer and a youth coordinator. The highest governing body is the International Coordination Office. The approximate number of members is currently given as 18,000, these are distributed worldwide in Africa , Asia , Europe , North America , Oceania , and South America . TOV is headquartered in Mérida ( Mexico ).


Individual evidence

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