Westerburg (rear)

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Creation time : around 1200 to 1300
Castle type : Niederungsburg, location
Conservation status: Burgstall
Place: Back

The Westerburg is an Outbound castle in the East Frisian municipality of Hinte in the district of Aurich , Lower Saxony . She stood on the western edge of the village.


At the time of the East Frisian chiefs , there were two stone houses in Hinterte , the Easter and Westerburg. The latter was probably built around 1312 by Chief Habbo the Elder tho Hinta on the western edge of the village and henceforth called Westerburg. Its builder was one of the most respected judges in the Emsigerland and represented the historical landscape of the Upstalsboom . His son Habbo the Younger moved from the castle in 1379 in league with Folkmar Allena in a campaign against Ocko I. tom Brok . In the immediate vicinity of the castle, the opponents met in Loppersum in 1379 . Habbo the Younger and Folkmar Allena emerged as losers from the battle. The winner, Ocko, had been married to Foelke Kampana , Habbos' sister , since 1377 . In the course of the support of piracy by the East Frisian chiefs, the castle was probably destroyed by the Hanseatic League in 1436 during a punitive expedition and was not rebuilt.

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