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Hoopoe (Upupa epops)

Hoopoe ( Upupa epops )

Sub-stem : Vertebrates (vertebrata)
Class : Birds (aves)
Order : Hornbills and hops (Bucerotiformes)
Family : Hoopoes
Genre : Hoopoes
Scientific name of the  family
Leach , 1820
Scientific name of the  genus
Linnaeus , 1758

The hoopoes ( Upupa ) are a species of birds that are poor in species and belong to the order of the Bucerotiformes . The genus is the only one in its own family Upupidae.

The views on the delimitation of the species differ greatly. Correspondingly, information on the recent number of species varies between one and four. Another species, U. antaios from the island of St. Helena , is believed to have died out after the island was discovered in the 16th century.


Hoopoes are unmistakable birds with a large, erect hood . Their wings are broad and rounded, their tail rectangular. The wings and tail are conspicuously drawn in black and white, the body is variably colored pink-brown. Its long, thin beak is curved downwards.


Hoopoes are found in the southern and central parts of Europe and Asia, as well as most of Africa .

Habitat and way of life

The preferred habitat is open, tree-covered terrain, such as savannah or cultivated land . For breeding they need trees, steep walls or buildings with cavities.


Individual evidence

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