Hornbills and hops

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Hornbills and hops
Southern ground hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeateri)

Southern ground hornbill ( Bucorvus leadbeateri )

Sub-stem : Vertebrates (vertebrata)
Class : Birds (aves)
Subclass : New-jawed birds (Neognathae)
Order : Hornbills and hops
Scientific name
Fürbringer , 1888

The hornbills and hops or hornbills (Bucerotiformes, also Bucerotes) are an order of birds to which four families of birds belong, which in older publications were mostly counted among the whackers (Coraciiformes). Hornbills and hops are found in southern and central parts of Europe, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. In total, the order includes 72 species.

Some authors did not recognize that hornbills belonged to the whackers and classified them in the monotypical bucerotiformes until recently . Today the hoopoes (Upupidae) and the tree hops ( Phoeniculidae) are put into order and the ground hornbills ( Bucorvus ) received the rank of a family, so that the Bucerotiformes today comprise four families. The close relationship of the four families is based on molecular biological studies. Morphologically they hardly differ from the rocket birds. In this way, the monophyly of the sackbill was preserved in relation to the woodpecker , which is located deep within a clade comprising sackbirds, hops and hornbills .

External system

Hoopoe ( Upupa epops )

The Bucerotiformes are the sister group of a common taxon made up of rocket birds and woodpecker birds. The taxon formed by all three is the sister group of the Trogons.

Rockers (Coraciiformes)


Woodpecker birds (Piciformes)




Trogons (Trogoniformes)

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Internal system

White-headed hornbill ( Tropicranus albocristatus )

Within the Bucerotiformes, hoopoes and tree hops, as well as hornbills and ground hornbills are sister families.


Hoopoes (Upupidae)


Tree hops (Phoeniculidae)


Hornbills (Bucerotidae)


Ground hornbills (Bucorvidae)

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