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European roller (Coracias garrulus)

European roller ( Coracias garrulus )

Over trunk : Neumünder (Deuterostomia)
Trunk : Chordates (chordata)
Sub-stem : Vertebrates (vertebrata)
Row : Land vertebrates (Tetrapoda)
Class : Birds (aves)
Order : Rockers
Scientific name
Forbes , 1884

The whackebirds (Coraciiformes) or whackebirds are an order of very diverse, predominantly tropical and very colorful birds , which have different ways of life. They only have one feature in common: the toes often deviate from the norm, they are partially fused together.


The Handbook of the Birds of the World lists the following six rocket families:

The order was traditionally even broader and contained other externally diverse families. Since the turn of the millennium, phylogenetic studies have initially shown that the Kurol ( Leptosomus discolor ) is not a sackbill, but is systematically isolated and that the remaining sackbirds formed a paraphyletic taxon in relation to the woodpeckers (Piciformes).

The family relationships according to Hackett et al. shows the following cladogram :


Bee-eater  (Meropidae)


Erdracken  (Brachypteraciidae)


Racken  (Coraciidae)


Kingfishers  (Alcedinidae)


Sawbacks  (Momotidae)


Todis  (Todidae)


Woodpecker birds  (Piciformes)


Hornbills  (Bucerotidae)


 Ground hornbills (Bucorvidae)


Hoopoes  (Upupidae)


Tree hops  (Phoeniculidae)


Trogons  (Trogoniformes)


Kurole  (Leptosomatiformes)

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The monophyly of the sackbirds is preserved by the establishment of the new order Bucerotiformes with the families hornbills , ground hornbills , hoopoes and tree hops . Rocket birds and woodpecker birds are sister groups , the common taxon is sister group of the Bucerotiformes, all three together are sister taxons of the Trogons (Trogonidae). The Kurol is the sister species of the four aforementioned orders.


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