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Reuse of used nails (1946)

Reuse is the principle of saving effort and material by using an item that is no longer required in one place (and therefore available again) in another. This procedure saves the destruction (also dismantling or removal) of the thing that is no longer required and the creation of a new thing.

Sub-areas of reuse are:

  • Reconditioning (technique) , the restoration of objects to their original state
  • Refurbishment , the qualitative reconditioning and upgrading of objects
  • Retrofit , modernization or the expansion of existing production facilities
  • Reusability , once written program modules (software) are designed for universal applicability

Waste management

Reuse serves to avoid waste in accordance with the European Waste Framework Directive . In national legislation, reuse is defined in several laws. The definition of the Circular Economy Act is as follows:

"Reuse within the meaning of this law is any process in which products or components that are not waste are used again for the same purpose for which they were originally intended." KrWG (as amended on February 24, 2012) §3, (21)

It should be pointed out here that the items to be reused are not considered to be waste. The definition of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act differs in this point from the definition of the Recycling Act:

"Reuse within the meaning of this law includes measures in which the old devices or their components are used for the same purpose for which they were manufactured or placed on the market." ElektroG (as amended on February 24, 2012) §3, (6 )

Old devices are electrical and electronic devices that are considered to be waste.

The reuse of objects is associated with additional effort compared to recycling . Additional care must be taken during storage and transport , and cleaning is mandatory in most cases. Just like the repair of the item, this is part of the “preparation for reuse” in accordance with the Recycling Management Act.

Official title

Civil servants who were affected by the 131 Act of 1951 were allowed to continue their official title with the addition "for reuse (z. Wv.)".

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