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Transport by truck

The transport (or transport ) is in the logistics transportation of cargo ( freight ), passengers ( passenger transport ) or messages ( communication ) with the help of transport means by change of place from a place to another place.


Transport is therefore necessary when goods, people or messages are not needed at the point of departure. In addition to storage and transshipment, transport is one of the three main processes (“TUL processes”) in logistics. Transport is also known as bridging space and time, while storage is only used to bridge time. It is carried out commercially by transport companies or the media . The part of logistics as a scientific discipline that deals with transportation is called transportation logistics . Transportation by means of transport is dependent on the existing infrastructure ( road network , rail network , waterways or air corridors ). In the following, only the transport of goods and passengers is dealt with.


In general, a distinction is made between internal and external transport:

For both types of transport there is a sender and a recipient between whom the transport takes place. Messages are transmitted via a cable network or non-wired via radio technology .

economic aspects

If several means of transport are used, a transport chain is involved , which can consist of the pre-carriage from the sender to the main carriage by the shipping agent , and after the main carriage by the receiving carrier . The transport triggers transport costs or shipping costs , the payment of which is regulated by the franking or the Incoterms (international), unless otherwise agreed in the freight contract . The transport risk is any event that can impair or prevent transport and lead to damage . It can be covered by transport insurance.


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