William II (Provence)

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Wilhelm II. (* Around 987; † before May 30, 1018 ), called the Pious (French: Guillaume le Pieux ), was Count of Provence . He succeeded his father Wilhelm I when he retired to a monastery shortly before his death in late 993. He did not succeed as Margrave of Provence , as this title - which corresponded to that of a head of the family - went to his uncle Rotbald II .

His mother was Adelheid von Anjou, daughter of Fulkos II. , Count of Anjou , or Arsenda von Comminges , daughter of Arnold, and his father's first wife.

He was initially under reign until he came of age in 999. Around 1002 he married Gerberge von Burgund, daughter of Otto Wilhelm , Count of Burgundy , and Ermentrude von Mâcon and Besançon .

In 1005 he took part in a meeting chaired by his mother, in which the regulations for the Saint-Victor monastery in Marseille were laid down. In 1018 the Vice Count of Fos rebelled against his sovereignty. Wilhelm died before May 30 of the same year during the siege of the vice-count's castle. He was buried in Montmajour Abbey near Arles.


  1. Count Wilhelm II. Is often called with the ordinal number "III." And his father with the ordinal number "II.", Because his grandfather, Count Boso II. Had a brother who was also called Wilhelm and was Count of Avignon.
  2. According to the European family tables , he was the son of Wilhelm I and his first wife, but the source on which this information is based has not been identified. See: The Counts of Provence (French) .


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