Otto Wilhelm (Burgundy)

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Otto Wilhelm ( French : Otte-Guillaume ) (* probably 958; † September 21, 1026 ) was the eldest son of Margrave Adalbert II of Ivrea († April 30, 971), who was co-regent of his father Berengar II from 960–961 . King of Italy was, and the Gerberga von Mâcon († December 11, 986/991), the daughter of Count Otto (Othon) and heiress of Mâcon.

Duchy and county of Burgundy in the 9th century

After his mother had married Heinrich the Great , Count of Nevers and since 956 Duke of Burgundy , in a second marriage around 972 , Otto Wilhelm was adopted by his stepfather. Around 982 he received the counties of Mâcon and Nevers , 995 the county of Burgundy ( Franche-Comté ), and after Henry's death (October 15, 1002) was pretender to the title of Duke of Burgundy. When Heinrich died, he had only a four-year-old daughter in addition to his adopted son.

Robert II , King of France , nephew of Henry, however, moved the duchy back in, although it had not previously belonged to the crown domain, and made it subordinate to himself. In addition to Mâcon and Nevers, Otto Wilhelm remained above all the Free County of Burgundy, which was part of the Roman Empire. belonged to the German Empire .

Otto Wilhelm married twice: on the one hand around 982 Ermentrude von Roucy († March 5, 1002/1005), the widow of Count Aubry II of Mâcon ( House Mâcon ) and daughter of Count Rainald von Roucy from the House of Roucy and the Alverade of Hainaut ; on the other hand, before 1016 Adélaide, whose origin could not be determined with certainty. Some historians , such as Constance Brittain Bouchard, believe that Adelheid von Anjou (also called Blanche), daughter of Count Fulko II , was Otto Wilhelm's second wife.


He only had children from his first marriage:


Individual evidence

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