Wilhelm V (Aquitaine)

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William V , called the Great ( Guillaume le Grand ) (* 969 ; † January 31, 1030 in the Maillezais Abbey ) from the Ramnulfiden family had been Duke of Aquitaine since 995 and (as William III) Count of Poitiers . He was the son of William IV (II) and his wife Emma von Blois .

In Germany, Wilhelm V is primarily known as the father of the Empress and regent Agnes von Poitou .

He was a cultivated and pious ruler, friends with Fulcher of Chartres , who turned the wealthy Aquitaine court into an intellectual center in southern France , but also suffered a number of setbacks due to his lack of military skills. So he asked King Robert II (ruled 996-1031) for help to get his vassal , the Count of La Marche , under control, but the joint campaign ended in failure. From Fulko III. He was defeated, Count of Anjou, to whom he had to cede the area around Loudun and Mirebeau . The Vikings inflicted another defeat on him in 1006 . Eventually he downsized his territory around Confolens , Ruffec and Chabanais to reward his vassal, the Count of Angoulême .

When Italians came to France in 1024/1025 to look for a king for their country and had a clash with the king of France when they addressed his son Hugo , they then turned to Wilhelm, who was also traveling to Italy , for the proposal but then renounced it for himself and his son because of the confusing political situation in Italy.

The chronicler Adémar de Chabannes wrote a hymn of praise to Wilhelm, which is nonetheless one of the most important sources for his government.

Marriages and offspring

Wilhelm was married three times:

  1. Adalmodis (Aumode) of Limoges, widow of Aldebert I , Count of La Marche
    1. William VI. (IV.) The fat (Guillaume le Gros) , † 1038, Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitiers 1030-1038
  2. Prisca (Brisque) of Gascogne, † before 1018, daughter of Wilhelm II. Duke of Gascogne ( House of Gascogne )
    1. Odo (Eudes) , X 1039, Duke of Gascogne 1032-1039, Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitiers 1038-1039
    2. Adelais ⚭ Géraud I. Tranacléon Count of Armagnac , † 1020
    3. Theobald (Thibault), † young
  3. Agnes of Burgundy († November 10, 1068), daughter of Otto Wilhelm , Count of Burgundy ( House of Burgundy-Ivrea ); her second husband was Gottfried II , Count of Anjou
    1. Peter Wilhelm (Pierre-Guillaume) , as Wilhelm VII (V) the eagle (Guillaume l'Aigle) Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitiers 1039-1058
    2. Guido Gottfried (Guy-Geoffroy) , as William VIII (VI.) Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitiers 1058-1086
    3. Agnes of Poitou (around 1025 - December 14, 1077); ⚭ 1043 Heinrich III. (* October 28, 1017; † October 5, 1056, Duke of Bavaria , Duke of Swabia , King of Burgundy , co-king in HRR from 1028, king from 1039, emperor 1046-1056)


Individual evidence

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predecessor Office successor
Wilhelm IV. (II.) Duke of Aquitaine
Count of Poitou
William VI. (IV.)