William VII (Aquitaine)

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Wilhelm VII. (Baptized as Peter ), called the eagle ( Guillaume l'Aigret ) or the Kühne ( le Hardi ), (* 1023 ; † autumn 1058 ) from the Ramnulfiden family was Duke of Aquitaine and (as Wilhelm V) Count of Poitou from 1039 until his death. He was the successor to his half-brother Odo .

Wilhelm was the third son of Duke Wilhelm V , the eldest from his third marriage to Agnes of Burgundy . He was the brother-in-law of Emperor Heinrich III. because he was married to Wilhelm's sister Agnes von Poitou .

Since Gottfried II. Martel , Count of Anjou , the second husband of Wilhelm's mother Agnes since 1032, after his divorce from her (1049/52) refused to give Wilhelm back the territories that had been granted to her as a morning gift, Wilhelm took up arms. He besieged Saumur , where he died of dysentery (dysentery) in 1058 .

He was married to Ermesinde, a woman whose origin is disputed in research (see: Adalbert (Lorraine) ). Wilhelm and Ermesinde probably had two daughters: Clementia, who married Conrad I , Count of Luxembourg , and probably Agnes, who first married Ramiro I, King of Aragón , and later Count Peter I of Savoy .


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