Adalbert (Lorraine)

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Adalbert (* 1000 ; † November 11, 1048 at Thuin ) from the House of Châtenois was Duke of Lorraine from 1047 . He was the son of Gerhard von Bouzonville , Count of Metz , and Gisela.


Gotzelo I , Duke of Lower Lorraine and Upper Lorraine , died in 1044; while his son Gottfried III. followed him in Upper Lorraine, the succession in Lower Lorraine is unclear. Some historians name another son, Gotzelo II , who died in 1046, others consider the duchy to be vacant at this time.

Gottfried III. in any case, whether in 1044 or 1046, the refusal of Emperor Heinrich III resisted . to reunite the two duchies and rebelled against his sovereign. He began to devastate Lower Lorraine, but was soon defeated and deposed, and Adalbert was appointed Duke of Upper Lorraine in his place. Gottfried continued the fighting, on November 11th 1048 there was a battle near Thuin , in which Adalbert fell, whereupon Emperor Heinrich III. immediately appointed Adalbert's brother Gerhard as his successor.

Historical problems

Around 1960, Szabolcs de Vajay assigned him the County of Longwy on the basis of two documents as well as a marriage to Clémence von Foix , daughter of the Count of Foix, and from this marriage two daughters, Etiennette, who lived with William I , Count of Burgundy , was married, and Ermesinde, wife of Wilhelm VII , Duke of Aquitaine . Vajay later corrected himself to the effect that he had misinterpreted the documents mentioned.

As a result, it is still unclear who the father of the two women is. Etiennette is now assigned to the House of Barcelona , Ermesinde and Longwy to the House of Luxembourg . Clemence, on the basis of which the appearance of this name among the descendants of Etiennette and Ermesinde should be explained, is no longer regarded as the wife of Adalbert. In fact, it is not known whether Adalbert was married, and consequently also not the name of his wife or the existence of descendants.

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Gottfried III. Duke of Lorraine