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The following list names the Counts , Dukes and Grand Dukes of Luxembourg in chronological order, structured according to the ruling dynasty .

Luxembourg was part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation until 1795 . His ruling house provided several Roman-German emperors in the late Middle Ages . In the 15th century it was bought first by the Dukes of Burgundy and then by marriage to the House of Habsburg. Under the Habsburgs it belonged first to the Spanish , then to the Austrian Netherlands . From 1795 to 1815, the country formed the French Département des Forêts .

The Congress of Vienna restored Luxembourg as an independent Grand Duchy in 1815 . Grand Duke was the King of the Netherlands in personal union . The French-speaking western part split off during the Belgian Revolution and still forms the Belgian province of Luxembourg today . The Grand Duchy was a member of the German Confederation until 1866 . The personal union ended in 1890.

Count of Luxembourg

Wigeriche (also called Counts of the Ardennes)

When Konrad II dies childless as the only son of Wilhelm I and also Wilhelm's brother Heinrich III. had previously died childless, Luxembourg was passed on to Heinrich IV , known as the blind, at the behest of Friedrich Barbarossa . His mother was Ermesinde the daughter of Konrad I and sister of Heinrich III. and Wilhelm I , and aunt of Konrad II. Her first marriage was to Albert II of Dagsburg and her second marriage to Gottfried von Namur (1068–1139), the father of Henry the Blind. Luitgard (1120–1170), the sister of Conrad II, married to Heinrich II. Count von Grandpré (1125–1211), is passed over, as is Hugo von Dagsburg , Ermesinde's son from their first marriage.

House Namur

  • Henry IV the Blind, Count of Namur and Luxembourg 1136–1196, son of Ermesinde and Gottfried von Namur ; Husband in first marriage of Laurette d'Alsace († 1175) (marriage 1157, separation 1163), in second marriage with Agnes von Geldern (marriage 1171).
    • Ermesinde I. , heiress of la Roche and Durbuy, daughter of Heinrich IV. And Agnes von Geldern. (marries Count Theobald von Bar in his first marriage 1196–1214 ( House Scarponnois ) and receives the county of Luxembourg back through his negotiations with Otto von Burgundy)

House Limburg-Arlon

  • Walram IV. Duke of Limburg , 1214–1226, 2nd husband Ermesinde I.
  • Henry V the Blonde , 1247–1281, Count of Luxembourg and Laroche and Margrave of Arlon, son of Walrams IV and Ermesinde I.
  • Henry VI. , 1281–1288, son of Heinrich V.
  • Heinrich VII. , 1288–1313, son of Heinrich VI., As Heinrich VII. Roman-German King 1308, Emperor 1312
  • John of Bohemia (the blind), for Luxembourg like Bohemia John I, 1313–1346, son of Henry VII., Since 1310 King of Bohemia
  • Karl (for Luxembourg Karl I.), 1346-1378, son of Johann, as Karl IV. Roman-German King 1346/47, Emperor 1355, pledged his home country in 1349 to Kurtrier , transferred it to his brother Wenzel in 1353 and raised it to duchy in 1354

Dukes of Luxembourg

House Limburg-Arlon

  • Wenceslaus I , 1353–1383, brother of Charles, initially count, from 1354 Duke of Luxembourg
  • Wenceslaus II the Lazy , 1383-1388, son of Charles IV, Roman-German King 1378, deposed in 1400, † 1419, pledged Luxembourg in 1388 to his cousin Jobst
  • Jobst von Moravia , 1388–1411, nephew of Charles, Margrave of Moravia since 1375, Roman-German King 1410
  • Elisabeth von Görlitz 1411–1441, † 1451, daughter of Johanns von Görlitz and heiress Jobsts von Moravia, last duchess of the House of Luxembourg, ruled for a time alone, at times together with her husbands, sold Luxembourg in 1441 to the House of Burgundy

House of Burgundy

House Wettin

House of Habsburg

  • Maximilian I , 1482–1516 husband and heir to Mary of Burgundy
  • Charles V (for Luxembourg Karl III.), 1516–1555 (abdicated), grandson of Maximilian, Roman-German King 1519, Emperor 1520/30, King of Spain 1516
Spanish line of the House of Habsburg 1556–1684 and 1697–1700
  • Luxembourg under French rule 1684–1697
  • Charles II (for Luxembourg Charles IV.) 1697–1700, King of Spain 1665–1700

Spanish line of the house of Bourbon

  • Philip V , 1700–1712, King of Spain 1700–1746

Bavarian line of the House of Wittelsbach

Austrian line of the House of Habsburg

Grand Dukes of Luxembourg

House Nassau Orange

in personal union with the Netherlands until 1890
Surname in office Remarks
Wilhelm I. (Wëllem I./Guillaume I.) May 31, 1815 - October 7, 1840 abdicated
Wilhelm II. (Wëllem II./Guillaume II.) Oct 7, 1840 - March 17, 1849
William III. (Wëllem III./Guillaume III.) March 17, 1849 - November 23, 1890

House Nassau (-Weilburg)

Surname in office Remarks
Adolph (Adolphe) Nov 23, 1890 - Nov 17, 1905 lost the Duchy of Nassau through the Prussian annexation in 1866 ; he became after the extinction of the Dutch royal family in the male line Grand Duke of Luxembourg, since there was only male succession
Wilhelm IV. (Wëllem IV./Guillaume IV.) Nov 17, 1905 - Feb 25, 1912
Maria-Adelheid (Marie-Adelaide) Feb 25, 1912 - Jan 14, 1919 dethroned / abdicated
Charlotte Jan. 14, 1919 - Nov. 12, 1964 abdicated in favor of her son (in exile in Britain from 1940 to 1945 )
Johann (Jang / Jean) Nov 12, 1964 - Oct 7, 2000 abdicated in favor of his son
Heinrich (Henri) since October 7, 2000 since the constitutional reform in 2008, the Grand Duke no longer has the right to veto


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