President of the Republic of North Macedonia

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President of the
Republic of North Macedonia
Standard of the President
Standard of the President
President Stevo Pendarovski
Acting President
Stevo Pendarovski
since May 12, 2019
Official seat Villa Vodno, Skopje
Term of office 5 years
(re-election possible once)
Creation of office January 27, 1991
Last choice 5th May 2019
Deputy Talat Xhaferi ( President of Parliament )

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia is the head of state of North Macedonia . He is part of the country's executive branch and resides in Villa Vodno in Skopje .

The Social Democrat Stevo Pendarovski has been President of the Republic since May 12, 2019 .

Electoral process

North Macedonia is a parliamentary democracy with far-reaching tasks and duties for the president. However, the president has far less political power than the prime minister . Every five years, the people are called to the polls to elect the president. This then has the task of choosing a candidate from the party or coalition that forms the majority in parliament, who forms the government. This then has to be confirmed by a majority by Parliament .

The presidents since 1991

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