Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization - Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity

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Party leader Hristijan Mickoski
founding June 17, 1990
Place of foundation Skopje
Headquarters Skopje
Youth organization Унија на млади сили на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ
Unija na mladi sili na VMRO-DPMNE
Alignment National conservatism , Christian democracy , right-wing populism
Colours) Red , black and yellow
Parliament seats
International connections Christian Democratic International ,
International Democratic Union
European party European Conservatives and Reformists Party (EKR)

The Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization - Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity ( Macedonian Внатрешна Македонска Револуционерна Организација - Демократска Партија за Македонско Национално Единство Vnatrešna Makedonska Revolucionerna Organizacija-Demokratska Partija za Makedonsko Nacionalno Edinstvo ) or VMRO-DPMNE is a political party in northern Macedonia with Christian- democratic and national democratic orientation. It sees itself as a successor party to the Inner Macedonian Revolutionary Organization .

The VMRO-DPMNE was founded on June 17, 1990 in Skopje as an opposition party against the ruling Communist Party. The first chairman was the future Prime Minister Ljubčo Georgievski . In May 2003 at the party congress in Ohrid , Georgievski retired from the party leadership and Nikola Gruevski - Prime Minister from 2006 to 2016 - was elected as his successor. After losing power in 2016/17, Gruevski resigned; in December 2017, Hristijan Mickoski was elected as his successor as party chairman. The party's general secretary has been Kiril Bozinovski since 2011 .


After eight years in the opposition, VMRO-DPMNE took over the government after the 1998 parliamentary elections. Its chairman at the time, Ljubčo Georgievski, formed a coalition government with the Democratic Alternative and the Albanian Democratic Party as prime minister .

The party lost the parliamentary elections in 2002 and had to hand over government responsibility to the rival Social Democratic League of Macedonia . In the parliamentary elections of 2002, the VMRO-DPMNE formed an alliance with the smaller Liberal Party of Macedonia . VMRO-DPMNE won the 2006 parliamentary elections and formed a coalition government with its chairman Nikola Gruevski as prime minister.

The former President of North Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski , who was killed in a plane crash on February 26, 2004, was a member of the VMRO-DPMNE.

The party won the parliamentary elections of 2008 with an absolute majority, which it lost in the early parliamentary elections on June 5, 2011. Since then she has ruled jointly with the DUI . The VMRO-DPMNE candidate, political scientist Gjorge Ivanov , emerged victorious from the presidential election in spring 2009 . In the 2016 parliamentary elections, the VMRO-DPMNE was only just able to assert itself as the strongest party. However, it failed to form a new government. Since then the party has been in opposition.


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