Wilhelm XI. (Montferrat)

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Wilhelm XI. of Montferrat
(portrait of Macrino d'Alba )
Coat of arms of Wilhelm XI. as Margrave of Montferrat

Wilhelm XI. Palaiologos ( Italian Guglielmo XI. Del Monferrato , born August 10, 1486 , † October 4, 1518 in Trino ) was the Margrave of Montferrat from 1494 to 1518 . He was the son of Margrave Boniface III. (1424–1494) and his wife Maria Branković (1466–1495).


He maintained the pro-French politics of his father, and married on August 31, 1508 in the church of Saint-Sauveur in Blois Anne d'Alençon (1492–1562), daughter of René , Duke of Alençon , and Margaret of Lorraine-Vaudémont .

After the Battle of Novara (1513) , William covered the withdrawal of the French army from Milan . Duke Massimiliano Sforza returned to his office and obtained from Wilhelm the payment of 30,000 Scudi against the waiver of reprisals. However, the treaties were not kept by Massimiliano, who invaded Montferrat with his army and sacked numerous cities. Due to the information that at the same time a distant relative, Margrave Oddone of Incisa, wanted to make himself Margrave of Montferrat, William occupied his residence Incisa in 1514 , annexed the margravate and had Oddone and his son Badone sentenced to death. This in turn led to a violent reaction from the emperor as overlord Incisas, who now demanded that Wilhelm renounce the annexation and submission to the applicable law. However, in view of the bureaucratic entanglements that followed, Wilhelm did not have to bow to this.


Children from his marriage to Anna von Alençon were:

  • Maria (1509–1530), ⚭ 1517 in Casale Federico II. Gonzaga (1500–1540)
  • Margherita (1510–1566), ⚭ 1531 Federico II. Gonzaga, her sister's widower
  • Bonifacio (1512–1530), William's successor as Margrave of Montferrat, initially under the reign of his mother.

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