Willi Kohlhoff

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Willi Kohlhoff (born April 7, 1906 in Berlin ; † June 9, 1988 ) was a German illustrator, cartoonist and author. He was best known for his illustration of novels and the implementation of novel templates in comic form.

With Das Wrack des Piraten and After the Shipwreck , Kohlhoff illustrated novels by Friedrich Gerstäcker , who mainly worked for Gerstmeyer Verlag and its fictitious editors . He also published James Fenimore Cooper's Wildslayer as a comic , who was originally a detective and worked as a commercial artist and illustrator after the war . After the template Daniel Defoe he created the comic series Robinson , later as Texas Reiter Hot Jerry , an invention carbon Hoffs, for which he long sought a publisher, to Helmut Nickel has been transferred. His career as a comic artist ended when he got a permanent job as a crime scene artist with the Berlin police in 1955. In contrast to Nickel, Kohlhoff, from whom the series Wildtöter and Tajo Tagori came, adhered more strictly to the respective literary models. After his retirement, Kohlhoff created several covers for the Jarro fan piccolo series as well as various oil paintings.


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