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Willi Rudolf (born November 28, 1944 in Öschingen ) is a German entrepreneur, local politician and commissioner for the district of Tübingen for the disabled .

Willi Rudolf was born with diastrophic dysplasia . In his childhood and youth he had to undergo several operations and sometimes wear a support corset. He had to drop out of school in the fifth grade because he was educated and there was no suitable school for physically handicapped students to attend. In 1982 he founded the company Rudolf Reha Systeme , which in 1996 developed into Leoba - life without barriers .

Rudolf is chairman of the state association of self-help for the physically disabled in Baden-Württemberg, Mössingen-Öschingen. Since March 2008 he has been the district handicapped representative for the Tübingen district.


In January 2005, Willi Rudolf was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his unparalleled commitment to disabled people and accessibility .

In 2011, Stefan Mappus awarded him the Order of Merit of the State of Baden-Württemberg .


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