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Willi Schweiß (born October 23, 1919 ) was a football player in Wismar . For SG Süd and BSG Motor Wismar he played in the Oberliga , the highest football class in East Germany.

Athletic career

The middle runner sweat played a decisive role in the soaring of Wismar football between 1948 and 1952. As early as 1947/48 he was involved in reaching the runner-up in Mecklenburg , with which SG Wismar Süd also qualified for the quarter-finals of the 1st Eastern Zone Championship in 1948 . There, the Freiimfelde Halle team lost 1: 3. A year later, the team won the Mecklenburg championship with Willi Schweiß and also entered the quarter-finals of the Eastern Zone Championship in 1949 , but lost there significantly with 0:10 against Fortuna Erfurt.

At the same time, Wismar had qualified for the newly founded upper league of the East German sports committee . Under the new name of ZSG Anker Wismar, the Ostseestädter had to play for relegation in the 1949/50 season, but lost 2: 3 in the decider against the tied SG Altenburg Nord. In this game, as in all the previous 26 point games, Willi Schweiß was usually involved in his regular position as a middle runner.

In the second-rate GDR league , sweat also played all 16 point games, after which the ZSG and the SG Volkspolizei Potsdam were tied at the top. This time, the Wismar team was able to make the play-off successfully, with Willi Schweiss this time as the left defender they won 2-1 and thus returned to the league. In the league season 1951/52, which this time ran over 36 games, in which his team now took on as BSG Motor Wismar, sweat was used in 32 matches, usually still as a central midfielder. With 22 defeats, Wismar again proved unsuitable for the first division and had to return to the GDR league as third from bottom.

The now almost 33-year-old sweat started his fourth GDR-wide football season with the 1952/53 league season . He maintained his regular place in midfield and was used in 22 of the 24 point games played. With second place and a clear gap to the season winner Einheit Ost Leipzig, the return to the league was missed, and Willi Schweiß played his last season again in the second division. Now ordered back as a left defender, he completed another eight point games. Sweat played his last game in the GDR league on November 11, 1953, the 8th matchday, in the encounter between Motor Wismar and Motor Süd Brandenburg (2-1). So he had come from 1949 to 1953 to 58 league and 46 GDR league games.


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