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XS4ALL is a Dutch Internet Service Provider (ISP) founded in 1993 by Felipe Rodriquez and Rop Gonggrijp , activists of the hacker magazine Hack-Tic . It is the third oldest after NLNet and SURFnet and to this day one of the largest ISPs in the Netherlands. The head office is in Amsterdam . XS4ALL offers dial-up as well as ADSL / SDSL and fiber optic ( FTTH ) internet access. In 2005 the company with 327 employees and 265,000 private customers achieved sales of 86.1 million euros and a profit before taxes of 15.4 million euros.

Logo from XS4ALL

Political importance

XS4ALL became known in Germany in 1996 after the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office had tried to block access to all XS4ALL domains in Germany because a customer had radically placed content from the banned left-wing radical magazine on his XS4ALL homepage. These proceedings were discontinued in 1998.

In 2002, Deutsche Bahn obtained a ruling from an Amsterdam court that forced XS4ALL to delete the radical pages, as they contained instructions on how to sabotage railway systems, which was also illegal under Dutch law.

In December 1996, XS4ALL set up an audio stream for the Serbian radio station B92 , which was critical of the government , after the government of Slobodan Milošević disrupted it.

When the Internet was switched off by the regime there during the uprisings in Libya in February 2011, XS4ALL offered free dial-up access. Co-founder Rop Gonggrijp wrote that access was "for all people who want to go online from Libya or any other country where arbitrary assholes are trying to shut down the Internet".


The technology to provide the required line capacities in the backbone , as well as other switching technology, comes from the parent company KPN .

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Individual evidence

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