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Rop Gonggrijp receives the Winston Award at the Big Brother Awards 2010

Robbert (Rop) Valentijn Gonggrijp (born February 14, 1968 in Amsterdam ) is a Dutch hacker , entrepreneur and temporary employee of WikiLeaks .

Hacker culture

Gonggrijp was one of the founders of the hacker magazine Hack-Tic , which was published in Amsterdam from 1989 to 1994 , based on the model of the German data thrower . In 2005 he was the organizer of the hacker conference What The Hack in Liempde, Netherlands at Boxtel . In 1988 he was represented at the fifth Chaos Communication Congress of the Chaos Computer Club . After giving a lecture there in 2005, he gave the opening speech in 2010. Rop Gonggrijp was also known for his work for the group "Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet", which campaigned against the use of voting computers . For example, this group demonstrated security problems in Dutch voting computers with the Nedap hack . With another group, Gonggrijp succeeded in doing the same for Indian voting computers.

Entrepreneurial activity

In 1993 Hack-Tic founded XS4ALL , one of the first internet service providers in Holland. The company was sold to the KPN concern in 1998 . Gonggrijp founded ITSX , a company for security in information technology, in 1997 , sold it again in 2006 and began working on the encryption of mobile telephony in 2001, which two years later led to the establishment of the Berlin-based GSMK CryptoPhone , which sells tap- proof communication media.


Rop Gonggrijp was part of the WikiLeaks team that spent several weeks editing the video Collateral Murder and preparing for its publication in Iceland in 2010 . He had already met Julian Assange in 2009, noticed similarities and had traveled with him through Asia for several weeks. The journalistic preparation of the raw material showing the American air strikes in Baghdad in 2007, and the preoccupation with the survivors and the families of the victims, he experienced, as he wrote shortly afterwards on his homepage, as “highly emotional and very intense”.

Presumably because of this work, Rop Gonggrijp was one of the victims at the beginning of 2011 in an attempt by the US government , which was ultimately successful in November of that year , to obtain personal data about him from Twitter using a subpoena .


At the Dutch Big Brother Awards for 2010 in Amsterdam , Gonggrijp received the positive Winston Award in March 2011 for his commitment to the protection of privacy and freedom in the digital age .

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