Journal of Modern Legal History

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Journal of Modern Legal History

description Austrian science journal
Area of ​​Expertise Legal history
publishing company Manz'sche publishing and university bookstore
First edition 1979
founder Wilhelm Brauneder , Pio Caroni, Bernhard Diestelkamp , Clausdieter Schott , Dietmar Willoweit
Frequency of publication four times a year
editor Wilhelm Brauneder , Hans-Christof Kraus , Bernd Mertens, Louis Pahlow , Martin Schnennach
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The Zeitschrift für Neuere Rechtsgeschichte ( ZNR ) is a specialist journal for legal history . It appears four times a year (usually two double issues) and is published by the Manz'sche publishing and university bookstore . It first appeared in 1979.

According to its own definition, the basic direction of the journal lies “in the scientific treatment and critical analysis of legal developments, particularly in the areas of private, constitutional, administrative and criminal law as well as procedural law, especially in recent times. The journal makes the contemporary reference of legal history clear and gives space for discussion of methods. The European tradition is included in a comparative analysis of the legal developments in the German-speaking area ”.

The ZNR was founded by Wilhelm Brauneder , Pio Caroni (publisher until 2005), Bernhard Diestelkamp (publisher until 1992), Clausdieter Schott (publisher until 2000) and Dietmar Willoweit (publisher until 1997). Further editors were Reiner Schulze (1993 to 2015), Diethelm Klippel (1998 to 2013), Jan Schröder (2001 to 2010), Michele Luminati (2006 to 2012) and Sibylle Hofer (2011 to 2013). Currently (2016) it is edited by Wilhelm Brauneder, Hans-Christof Kraus , Bernd Mertens , Louis Pahlow and Martin P. Schnennach .

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