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Four modern tent roofs , Bayreuth Clinic
Historic tent roof of a watchtower on the Limes

On the one hand, the word tent roof describes a roof shape that is characterized by several (at least three) roof surfaces that are inclined towards one another and converge at a point (the ridge point ). A tent roof is a special form of the hipped roof , the ridge length of which is zero. Roofs on towers with a square floor plan are often tent roofs. Tent roofs with the base of a regular polygon are also known as pyramid roofs .

On the other hand, it also refers to tensioned roof structures , i.e. membrane roofs and structures based on cable nets. Tent roofs in this sense are the result of a construction method that spans roof areas and is not bridged with structural elements that are essentially subject to pressure (pressure elements, e.g. pylons or pressure rings [e.g. Sony Center ], are usually placed close to the edge or on the Edge [e.g. the "Olympic roof" in Munich], but also used in the middle). For reasons of stability, the roof surfaces are, like tents, but more clearly, doubly curved. Stretched tent roofs, like umbrellas, can also be convertible.

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