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The site provides terminology, which is a good idea to start with, but ultimately just a dictionary service. It will only become an article if information follows what the different roof shapes are all about: In which parts of the world and on which types of buildings do you find these roof shapes? In which architectural historical epochs? What are the static and structural features? Which aesthetic or stylistic considerations moved the architect when choosing?

As a roof shape is defined as the outer shape or cubage of a roof . The structural implementation takes place through the roof structure . This article provides an overview of different roof shapes.

Roof shapes can be classified based on their parameters:

  • flat or curved
  • single or multi-surface
  • non-directional (e.g. round or square base) or directional (e.g. rectangular base)
  • additional bevel on the gable side that differs from the shape on the eaves side (e.g. crooked hip roof, hip foot roof, crooked mansard roof)

General roof shapes

Some basic roof shapes

Here is a selection of basic roof shapes:

Other, more complex roof shapes:

Side roof Monitor roof Lantern roof Pointed barrel roof
Side roof Roof with monitor Lantern roof Pointed barrel roof
open pagoda in the Chinese garden in Stuttgart Berlin roof Stuttgart roof Hyperbolic paraboloid shell
Pagoda roof Berlin roof Stuttgart roof Hyperbolic paraboloid shell

Note: Pointed roof is not a clearly defined term. But it is colloquially sometimes used for a gable roof (because of its pointed gable).

Roof shapes on towers and church spiers

Common roof shapes on towers

For reasons of statics, aesthetics and convention, roofs on towers , especially church towers , often have special roofs. Here is a selection:

Selection criteria

  • Location
  • economics
  • Zoning plan
  • Neighboring buildings
  • Building geometry
  • Architectural reasons


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