Cistercian Abbey of Le Betton

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The Cistercian Abbey of Le Betton was a French monastery of the Cistercian women from 1133 to 1791 in Betton-Bettonet , Canton Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny , Department Savoie (not to be confused with the Breton municipality of Betton ).


In the early days of the Cistercian order , when male monasteries were founded in the 12th century, women’s monasteries were often founded next door for female family members who also felt called to be. This explains why the Cistercian Abbey of Tamié was founded at the same time as Le Betton (east of Chambéry ), which was later strengthened by the Cistercian Abbey of Bonnecombe and founded in 1165 the Cistercian Abbey of Bonlieu (Haute-Savoie) . Over the centuries, the monastery was destroyed several times, but also rebuilt, most recently by 1716. After it was closed and sold in 1791 by the French Revolution , the buildings housed a home for the disabled from 1827 to 1858. Today only the ruins of the church are left in the village of Betton-Bettonet.


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