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Interior view of the lodge temple

The Masonic Lodge for Friendship and Resistance in Basel is a traditional, regular Masonic Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of England . It is a member of the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina and is subject to Swiss law. Its goals are to cultivate friendship, develop the personality of its members and promote humanity in society.


In the 18th century, three different lodges were founded one after the other in Basel, but they were dissolved again as a result of wars, the revolution and other reasons (1744: "Zur Eintracht", 1768: "Zur Freiheit", 1778: "Zur Perfenfreundung") ).

In 1808 the lodge "For Friendship and Resistance" was founded. It was first called "Amité et Constance" and worked in French for the first three years under Napoleon's supervision. At the end of 1808, the lodge had 34 members, mostly merchants and members of well-known Basel families and politicians. Under the direction of the mayor and mayor Peter Burckhardt , the German language was adopted. The lodge was henceforth called "For friendship and permanence".

The Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina was founded in 1844. One of the driving forces was the master of the chair of the lodge “For friendship and stability”, Professor Karl Gustav Jung , grandfather of the well-known psychologist. 1850–1856 he was the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge.

Lodge badge

The 19th century was a time of important social and ideological changes. The separation of Basel-Land and Basel-Stadt into two half-cantons and the Sonderbund War of 1848 are examples of this. They influenced Freemasonry and with it the Lodge "For Friendship and Persistence". But the Lodge Brothers always found a way by orienting themselves towards the humanitarian goals of Freemasonry.

In 1937, when national socialism threatened Europe, the Swiss people clearly rejected an initiative to ban Freemasonry in Switzerland. Kurt von Sury, member of the Lodge “On Friendship and Resistance” and at that time Grand Master of the Grand Lodge Alpina, successfully represented the interests of Freemasonry in Switzerland.

The lodge "For friendship and stability" is the mother lodge of various other Basel daughter lodges such as B. the Masonic lodges "Zum Fels am Rhein", "Osiris" or "Pantha Rhei".


Important personalities who shaped the lodge life:

The lodge house

Lodge house "To the new Venice"

The first meeting place was the hospice of the Knights of St. John, called "Klösterli". In 1824, the property "Zum Venice" was purchased on the Schlüsselberg in the center of the city, converted and inaugurated as a box house. In the course of time it became too small, so that in 1889 a new, larger box house “Zum neue Venedig” with garden and bowling alley was built on Byfangweg. The architect was Gustav Kelterborn.

Masonic social works

The members of the lodge “For friendship and stability” have made a significant contribution to the following social works. Several of these organizations in turn founded other social services. Some later passed into state organizations.

  • Pestalozzi Society Basel, founding and board members
  • "Humanitas" retirement and nursing home in Riehen (Switzerland)
  • Institute for Hope, Riehen (Switzerland)
  • Anatomical Museum Basel
  • Society for the good and non-profit (GGG)
  • Basel Brockenhaus
  • Good writings association
  • Crafts school
  • Medical widows and orphans fund
  • Social services in the canton of Basel-Land
  • Foundation of the Masonic Lodge For Friendship and Persistence
  • Various funds and legacies


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