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Heinrich Boos (1851–1917) historian, grave in the Wolfgottesacker cemetery, Basel
Grave in the Wolfgottesacker cemetery , Basel

Heinrich Boos (born June 14, 1851 in Cannstatt , † July 10, 1917 in Basel ) was a Swiss historian .

life and work

Heinrich Boos, son of a German master locksmith and naturalized in Basel in 1859, attended schools in Basel and then completed a history degree in Basel, Leipzig and Göttingen , where he received his doctorate in 1874 . In 1875 he completed his habilitation in Basel and became a private lecturer. As a result, he arranged several archives. In 1897 he became a full professor for cultural history and historical auxiliary sciences at the University of Basel. His main work is the four-volume history of Rhenish urban culture (1897–1901), made possible by a patron. Boos was also the editor of medieval written sources.

Since 1881 he belonged to the Masonic Lodge for friendship and stability .

Fonts (selection)

  • The Litites and Aldions according to popular rights. Göttingen 1874. (Dissertation)
  • History of the city of Basel in the Middle Ages. Detloff, Basel 1877.
  • Document book of the city of Aarau. With a historical introduction, register and glossary, as well as a historical map. Sauerlander, Aarau 1880.
  • Document book of the Basel region. 2 vol. Detloff, Basel 1881–1883.
  • History of the city of Worms. A contribution to German urban history. Weidmann, Berlin 1886.
  • Ukundenbuch der Stadt Worms. 2 vol. Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, Berlin 1886–1890. (Digital copies: Volume 1 to 1300 ; Volume 2 1301-1400 )
  • Monumenta Wormatiensia. Annals and Chronicles. Weidmann, Berlin 1893. Digitized
  • History of Freemasonry. A contribution to cultural history. HR Sauerländer, Aarau 1894.
    • History of Freemasonry. A contribution to the cultural and literary history of the 18th century. 2nd, completely revised edition, HR Sauerländer, Aarau 1906. (Reprints 1969 and 1979).
  • History of the Rhenish urban culture from the beginning to the present. 4 parts, Berlin 1897–1901.
  • Directory of the manuscripts and incunabula of the Schaffhausen City Library, together with a directory of the handwritten estate of Johannes von Müller. Schaffhausen 1903.
  • Festschrift for the centenary of the Lodge for Friendship and Stability in Basel. Publishing house of the Basler Loge, Basel 1908.

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