Dwarf desert gecko

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Dwarf desert gecko
Dwarf desert gecko (Tropiocolotes steudneri)

Dwarf desert gecko ( Tropiocolotes steudneri )

Superordinate : Scale lizards (Lepidosauria)
Order : Scale reptiles (Squamata)
without rank: Geckos (gekkota)
Family : Geckos (Gekkonidae)
Genre : Tropiocolotes
Type : Dwarf desert gecko
Scientific name
Tropiocolotes steudneri
( Peters , 1869)

The dwarf desert gecko ( Tropiocolotes steudneri ) is a species of gecko that is widespread in scree deserts from Algeria to the extreme south-west of Asia. Tropiocolotes steudneri is a nocturnal ground dweller who spends the day hidden under stones. Occasionally they make beeping noises. The dwarf desert gecko was discovered by Hermann Steudner and named after him.


Tropiocolotes steudneri reaches a maximum total length of seven to nine centimeters. The back scales are smooth or only slightly keeled and shingled, the stomach and throat scales smooth. There are around 50 scales around the middle of the trunk. They are light to dark yellow in color with brown patterns.


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