Étoile de Bessèges 2006

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Final result after the 5th stage
winner Frederik Willems 17:46:12 h
Second Preben van Hecke +0: ​​26 min
Third Thomas Voeckler +0: ​​26 min
Fourth Michael Blaudzun +0: ​​32 min
fifth Ludovic Turpin +0: ​​36 min
Sixth Mads Kaggestad +0: ​​36 min
seventh Brian Vandborg +0: ​​43 min
Eighth Maxime Méderel +2: 30 min
Ninth Killian Patour +4: 06 min
Tenth Antoine Dalibard +4: 11 min

The 36th Étoile de Bessèges took place from February 1st to 5th, 2006. The bike race was held in five stages over a distance of 714 kilometers. It is part of the UCI Europe Tour 2006 and classified there in category 2.1.


stage Day Start finish km Stage winner Leader
1st stage February 1st Marseille - Marseille 126 Belgium Frederik Willems Belgium Frederik Willems
2nd stage February 2nd Nîmes - Saint-Ambroix 149 EstoniaEstonia Jaan Kirsipuu Belgium Frederik Willems
3rd stage 3 February Château de Portes - Les Salles-du-Gardon 140 France Eric Leblacher Belgium Frederik Willems
4th stage February 4th Les Fumades - Les Fumades 151 France Stéphane Petilleau Belgium Frederik Willems
5th stage February 5th Gagnières - Bessèges 148 EstoniaEstonia Jaan Kirsipuu Belgium Frederik Willems

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