Austrian aero club

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Austrian aero club
Austrian Aero Club.png
Founded April 17, 1900
Place of foundation Vienna
president Wolfgang Malik
societies 539
Members 17.198
Association headquarters Vienna

The Austrian Aero Club (ÖAeC) is the professional association for all non-commercial air sports in Austria . He also works as a civil aviation authority and regulates the issuing of various flight licenses , monitoring of flight technology, and much more. The ÖAeC is a member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). In addition, the ÖAeC also issues sports licenses that are required for participation in competitions.


Memorial plaque for Viktor Silberer and the founding of the Vienna Aero Club and the Austrian Aero Club

The association was founded on April 17, 1900 in St. Annahof in Vienna under the direction of Viktor Silberer (1846–1924) and Franz Hinterstoisser as the “Vienna Aero Club”. The name was changed in 1910 to "Austrian Aero Club". In 1928 Walther Pessl became president.

On July 30, 1950, the association was re-established with the approval of the Allies. The new ÖAeC chose field pilot Major a. D. Ferdinand Cavallar von Grabensprung as the first post-war president.

The record jump from the stratosphere by Felix Baumgartner in October 2012 was confirmed by the ÖAeC.


section Members
Model flight 11,783
Gliding 2,426
Powered flight 2.149
Paragliding 1,608
Parachute 716
Hang gliding 393
Ultralight 230
Ballooning 129
helicopter 64
Amateur construction 70

Civil Aviation Authority

The tasks of the regulation for training and testing for pilots for microlight aircraft , glider pilots , parachutes , free balloonists , hang gliders , paragliders , motorized hang gliders and paragliders were transferred to the Austrian Aero Club by ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Science and Transport . This is thus a civil aviation authority of the 1st instance. The Commission for Aviation Sports General Aviation Administration (FAA) set up for this purpose is spatially and organizationally separated from the sports association. The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology is responsible for overseeing its activities as a civil air authority .

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