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Ulan of the Austrian Armed Forces
General properties
crew 3 (driver, gunner, commander)
8 rifle troops
length 7 m
width 3.15 m
height 2.65 m
Weight 28 t (Ulan), 23.8 t (Pizarro)
Armor and armament
Armor conventional armor steel
composite armor MEXAS
Main armament 30-mm automatic cannon MK 30 -2
mm 7.62-MG FN MAG
Self protection 76 mm smoke and explosive missiles
power 530 kW (720 hp )
drive 8-cylinder diesel engines from MTU
suspension Torsion bar
Top speed 70 km / h
Range approx. 500 km
Ground clearance 0.45 m
Battle chamber of the Ulan
Pizarro of the Spanish Army
Austrian Ulan
Fog thrower on the turret of the Ulan infantry fighting vehicle
Prototype de ASCOD Scout Specialist Vehicle for the British Army

ASCOD ( A ustrian- S Panish Co -operative D evelopment ) is the name of an infantry armored vehicle , which in an Austro - Spanish is produced co-production. As the armored personnel carrier Ulan it is manufactured by the Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeug GmbH and as Pizarro by the Spanish Santa Bárbara Sistemas . Both companies are part of the Madrid- based European subsidiary General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems of the US General Dynamics group.

For Great Britain it was selected as ASCOD SV in March 2010 , the general contractor is General Dynamics UK . It is to be built there in different versions.


The 28-ton Ulan is powered by an MTU 8V 199 diesel engine with 530 kW (720 hp). It can accelerate the vehicle, which is almost 7 meters long, 3.15 meters wide and 2.65 meters high, up to 70 km / h. The Ulan is led by a crew of three (driver, commander and gunner). In the rear of the armored personnel carrier there is also space for up to eight shooters. An NBC protection system is available.

The main weapon of the Ulan is the 30 mm automatic cannon model MK 30-2 from Mauser (now Rheinmetall ). It is located in the tower SP-30 and is directed electromechanically. It allows combat distances of up to 2500 meters. There is also a 7.62 mm machine gun. To protect the Ulan, a 76 mm smoke throw system from Wegmann with 2 × 3 pipes on each side of the tower is installed. There is also a fire control system with thermal imaging device and an automatic target tracking system. The combat tower is operated by the vehicle commander (left) and the gunner (right).

Wedge-shaped additional armor can be mounted on the front of the tower. This increases the bullet resistance compared to 30 mm armor-piercing ammunition from a distance of 1000 m. At shorter distances, the armor offers protection against fragments and 7.62 mm ammunition. There is no reactive armor so that all equipment, spare parts and tools can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle and the turret.



Ulan : 112 pieces (were delivered between 2001 and 2005)


Pizarro : The Spanish Army ordered a total of 263 vehicles: 206 armored personnel carriers (VCI / C), 21 command vehicles (VCPC) and 36  armored personnel carriers (VCZAP Castor ).

144 vehicles (123 armored personnel carriers and 21 command and control tanks) were delivered and put into service by 2003 following an initial order from the Spanish army . A second batch of originally 212 vehicles was ultimately reduced to 119 pieces, 83 armored personnel carriers and 36 armored personnel carriers. The 83 armored personnel carriers of the second batch differed in some technical aspects from the first delivery series, for example they have the more powerful MTU 8V 199 530 kW (720 hp) engine, which is also installed in the Ulan of the Austrian army. In addition, the use Pizarro II a SAPA Placencia SG850 gear instead of Renk HSWL 106C of Ulan and Pizarro I . The weight increased to 27.6 t. All armored personnel carriers of the second delivery series were in service until December 2018.

For the 36 Pionierpanzer the second delivery line to the Spanish army for a new development based on the ASCOD 2, which in the tender for the decision ultimately Future Rapid Effect System of the British Army prevailed. In addition to special pioneering equipment such as a clearing blade, mine plow , mine rollers, cable winch or marking system, the VCZAP Castor , unlike the Pizarro, should also have improved ballistic protection and a remote-controlled weapon station of the Samson Mini type as primary armament instead of the MK 30-2 30 mm automatic cannon .


Pizarro : 15 pieces in the LT105 version

Great Britain

ASCOD SV : The Future Rapid Effect System is to be developed on the basis of ASCOD 2 . An initial delivery of 250 vehicles of different versions covers the areas of reconnaissance, recovery, protected relocation and repair. A total of 580 copies are to be delivered to the British Army from 2020 .

Ascod variants

In addition to the armored personnel carrier, a few other models were developed based on the same chassis.

Technical specifications

  • Short name: ASCOD AIFV (SPz Ulan / Pizarro)
  • Manufacturer:
    • Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH, Austria
    • Santa Barbara SA, Spain
  • Year of construction: from 1999
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 6.84 m
  • Width: 3.15 m
  • Height: 2.65 m
  • Ground clearance: 450 mm
  • Weight:
    • Ulan: 28 t
    • Pizarro: 23.8 t
    • ASCOD SV: 42 t
  • Crew:
    • Operation: 3
    • Transport: 8
  • Top speed: 70 km / h
  • Driving range: 500 km at 50 km / h
  • Gradeability: 75%
  • Wading ability: 1.2 m
  • Bank slope: 40%
  • Climbing ability: 950 mm
  • Trench crossing ability: 2.3 m
  • Engine:
  • Armament:
  • Ammunition supply:
    • Main armament:
      • 120 rounds right feed
      • 80 rounds left feed
      • 202 shots jammed
    • Secondary armament:
      • 2900 rounds for the MG
      • 24 smoke and HE shells

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