A Fucking Cruel Nightmare

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Original title A Fucking Cruel Nightmare
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2010
length 83 minutes
Director Sebastian Zeglarski
script Sebastian Zeglarski,
Raul Maximilian ,
Christian Nowak
production Sebastian Zeglarski
music Michael Donner
camera Sebastian Zeglarski
cut Sebastian Zeglarski
  • Raul Maximilian: The Bird
  • Sebastian Zeglarski: Fuckface
  • Raul Maximilian: Fuckface

A Fucking Cruel Nightmare is a German Independent - Horror of Sebastian żeglarski from the year 2010. It consists almost entirely of a series of gore - and splatter sequences .


“The Bird” wakes up from a nightmare in his car and enters a house. Everything is hung there with plastic foil. He looks into every room in which a person in a disposable protective suit torments another person and kills them in a horrific way. Among other things, castration , necrophilia , dismemberment and the killing of an infant are shown. The bird then wakes up in the house, puts on a protective suit himself and is led through the house by one of the murderers. This time, the previous victims take revenge on their tormentors in similarly violent acts. The bird then wakes up again in his car, unlocks his house and is pulled into the house by a man in a protective suit.


The film was released on DVD in 2010 on the independent label Maximum Uncut Production. This was followed by a release in Austria on the Black Lava Entertainment label.


As is usual with productions from the amateur sector, the film did not receive any reviews in the trade press, but was discussed on various fan sites.

Benedikt Bursch wrote on Maslohs.de: “All those who want to see a series of sometimes more, sometimes less successful homemade special effects, are welcome to take a look here. However, those who value a narrative framework that is at least partially available are more likely to be disappointed. Or does the filmmaker ultimately not want an audience at all? The opening title says: "(...) it should not be seen by anyone!" ... ".

At Schlombie's film reviews, the critic came to the following conclusion: “Therefore, even if I personally don't know what to do with amateur horror with the curious provo title 'A Cruel Fucking Nightmare', it can still be recommended to all fans of hard underground works in the amateur film scene . Here you get what you yearn for in a consistency that can hardly be topped. More blood and torture shown one after the other is really hardly possible, and the wonderfully abnormal methods with which one proceeds here are certainly not so easy to beat within the technical possibilities of home-made films. "

On Horror-Page.de the film was much less well discussed: “With porn films it may sometimes make sense if you leave out the plot so as not to carry the actors' inability out into the big wide world. With 'A Fucking Cruel Nightmare' the whole thing doesn't work. After all, you are encouraged to think before, during and after viewing. Can you really hate a film or a film-like state? "

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