Axillary lymph nodes

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The axillary lymph nodes - Lymphonodi (Lnn.) Or Nodi lymphatici (Nll.) Axillares - are the lymph nodes of the axillary region. In humans, the 20 to 30 lymph nodes are divided into the deep and superficial axillary lymph nodes, which are joined by other individual lymph nodes.

Axillary lymph nodes of man

Axillary lymph nodes of man

The superficial axillary lymph nodes ( Nll.axillares superficiales ) are divided into three groups:

The deep axillary lymph nodes ( Nll. Axillares profundi ) are the secondary filter station for the lymph of the superficial axillary lymph nodes. The lymph drains from the deeper ones via a lymphatic vessel ( Truncus subclavius ), which pours into the Ductus lymphaticus dexter on the right side of the body and on the left into the Ductus thoracicus .

In addition to these two axillary lymph node groups, other lymph nodes are counted as axillary lymph nodes:

Armpit Lymph Nodes of Pets

In animal anatomy, the axillary lymph nodes are grouped together to form the axillary lymph center, Lymphocentrum axillare . Here, too, a distinction is made between several groups according to location:

  • The Lnn. axillary proprii lie at the exit of the subscapular artery. They are absent in pigs.
  • The Lnn. axillary primae costae lie against the first rib of the chest wall. They are not trained in dogs and horses.
  • The Lnn. axillary accessorii occur regularly only in cats and are located at the level of the third rib on the lateral thoracic vein . Occasionally they are also trained in dogs or ruminants.
  • The Lnn. cubitales are only trained in horses. They are located on the inside of the elbow joint and can be felt through the skin in slim animals.


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