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The addendum (plural addenda , Latin addendum , “what is to be added”) denotes something missing, something to be added or to be appended in writing.

Forms are appendix , appendix , appendix (Latin 'appendage, appendix'; from Latin ad-pendere 'zuwägen', 'to-hang'; plural appendices, appendices, appendixe ), annex (Latin annexus , connection, accessory Appendices', see annexation ), especially addendum and other documents .

Addenda to the classic one manuscript include forewords , prefaces , introductions , afterwords (slander) , and the appendices as additional sections of text as endnotes , register and glossaries , and image materials. These secondary texts attached to the actual text are "integrated" in the bound book (often referred to as an appendix ) and lose the character of an independent document.

As a plant or Annex also referred to the documents annexed to an act, constituting the record form. This is also the meaning of e-mails as the attached, non-RFC-2822-compliant data formats transmitted in text form . Is such Addendum an independent, stand-alone document, it should of conditioning are spoken (for example brochures as attachments to a business letter ); an appendix would then be a piece of writing that is to be treated as part of the main document (e.g. data in tables to which the text in the main document refers). The same context applies in accounting; a single accounting document for the annual financial statements is called an appendix .

In classic correspondence there is the postscript , the handwritten addendum after the signature. This word is also common for afterwords of literary works.

In particular, addenda are traditionally called addenda in publications , which - if collected after printing - inserted at the end of the work, or - if collected after printing - delivered on a separate slip of paper. This term is a parallel piece to the "to be improved" passages, the Corrigenda or Errata . This also applies to regular publications ( newspapers , magazines ) if supplements to previous publications are published.

Annex is a typical expression of the treaty , so an annex can contain information such as longer lists or tables, or the previous version of a convention amendment. In this context, the foreword is referred to as the preamble (Latin praeambulare ' to go ahead').

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